witch-meat:  What kind of people or things influence your way of making art? What is your favorite thing to draw?

I find that musicians and bands have a tendency to influence my work. They don’t necessarily influence the content but they do influence the aggression and energy embedded in the way I work. I listen to a lot of rap and hip hop music when I make so I get super pumped. However, the people I knew when I was younger usually wind up as subjects in my work. It is more about the attitude of a person and less about how cool they were or what they looked ┬álike. That attitude is really key for me to make an interesting individual in a piece. My favorite thing to draw is so hard to decide upon! I really like drawing shoes…and dogs…and super killer ladies…and scifi weird stuff…and comics about my friends……..small dogs…really small dogs.

Anonymous:  Why, when I say I love you, do you always say that you love pie?

Because I am no liar, son.

zoori-i:  Wicked work! Amazing style!xx

Thanks! xx

Anonymous:  Been following you since your other tumblr, proud to see you made it to the tumblr radar! Well deserves to someone I believed in from the beginning. Enjoying your comic now. Can't wait to see you accomplish more and more!

Thank you! I am glad to hear that you are into the comic. I am really excited about Singer’s Cave too!

prinnydreamknight:  Just saw some of your art and it makes my imagination happy :)

This is always a good thing to hear!!

thatbroz:  You've got some cool stuff here.

Thank you so much~! B^)