fryingsaucer asked - "Why do you like hotdogs so much? :^)"

Because they look like peeeens. Jkjk I love them because they are the flavor of nostalgia and go great with chips, RC, potato salad, summertime, wintertime, hightops, basketball, beer, all the time - everything. Hell, I knew Sage was the guy for me when he made me a hotdog with Mac n’ Cheese and Chili on it. They are cheap and kind of gross and awesome and you can put the world on them and they will only taste more great. They look like Weiner dogs or party sized snack sausages. They are funny to throw at people, to draw, to wiggle around, to give to a Weiner dog. They are the ultimate started from the bottom kind of food. They have no where to go but up. And by up I mean up into my face.

Hey, all! Working on comics. Feel free to send me an ask - I am up for answering questions.

Yay I finally got to color this! I saved in progress shots, was going to try to make a gif, but I need to figure out how exactly to do that. So anyways, just a drawing about new friends. This drawing makes me think about the performative stiffness I go through when trying to interact with a new person in my life. I love people and making deep connections with them. However, something about those initial phases are a lot of work. I know for myself I tend to feel awkward, stand-offish, and worked up. I especially freak out when I am invited to a new friend’s space. Thankfully, after a few tries and a couple of drinks I usually wind up making a wonderful friend. It’s not you - it’s me.
Molly Mendoza
Can’t wait to color this!
More McDonalds Girls.

Anonymous asked - "Do you go to art school?"

I do! I go to PNCA.

Lol this is what my sketch phase looks like. I wanna draw the McDonalds girls on some down time, viewing the city from the takeout window.

Definitely drawing McDonalds girls for the 5th element art book.