This is not a final version of this image quite yet. I was playing around with color and took some weird risks. I kind of liked them and saved a JPG version of this stage then added some goopy shapes on top of it. The original is much more blue and less dense but maybe I can put some of the reds from this one into the final piece. Who knows I don’t I am so sleepy…going to bed.

halfnakedbanana: Molly what kind of brushes did you use for your thesis? Is it traditional or digital?

Hey!! So, for those color tests (the ones that are orange and red) I used digital brushes. I only did that to save the extra step of scanning (and I am out of the printmaking paper I like to use). Typically, and for when I make final drawings of those tests, I use a hard bristled brush that I have let ink dry on. When I dry brush I use cheap brush packs because I plan on destroying them to get the marks I want. When I do more fine line work I use a pointed tip brush. It is super tiny too but it is definitely a cheap brush from a pack. (Sorry I don’t have them in front of me so I couldn’t tell you the brand). I’d love to get some nicer brushes but I am very abusive to my tools…I’d hate to destroy a nice tool that deserves to be loved!!